Fun Friday Workshops

We would like to stay in touch with all of our friends so we have decided to invite everyone to join in on some safe fun from the comfort of your home every Friday for a "Fun Friday Workshop!"

Each week will have a fun Science Experiment, Art Project, or Activity that we will do all together! (Through the Computer!) We will learn as well as use different skills to create, imagine, and play!

Each Workshop will be approximately 30 minutes in length


******We will be selling Workshop kits with all the supplies you will need separately! You can inquire by contacting us for more details!*******

Visit us for a FREE to join virtual workshop on Facebook!

Join the Facebook Event and we will go live at 9:00am on Friday August 7th!


August 7, 2020

Travel High up in the Sky 


Make your own Clouds!

This week, we will be learning all about clouds and the water cycle all while having fun! We will conduct a science experiment and make our own clouds! Join our Facebook Event for more details!

Workshop Kit valued at $5

How to Join

There are 3 ways to join a Workshop:

1. Join the Event on Facebook

2. Contact us via email at

3. Contact us through our website


You will receive a link to make a payment to join the Workshop. Once paid, you will receive access to the Workshop with directions & any fun add-ons for that class! 

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